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PSU represents the single largest organized sector spread over the entire length and breadth of the country touching and influencing the lives of the entire population in the country and of all categories. Though the Public Sector as a whole is undergoing structural changes in as much as the rest of the economy in India for the past one decade, it still occupies the center stage impacting the economy. Women in PSU constituted 4.5% of the total Work Force as on February, 2011 as compared to 4% as on March 1991. The sectors where there has been pronounced changes for the better in the profiles of women employees in the Managerial& Supervisory categories during the same period are Power, Petroleum, Fertilizers , Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, Textiles, Trading & Marketing Services, Contract and Construction Services, Financial Services, Coal & Lignite. Remarkable and outstanding improvements in women moving into Managerial & Supervisory positions have been seen in Transport Services & Tourist Services during the same period.


The Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) in collaboration with Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), organized a national convention of women in public sector-during October 1989 in New Delhi. The convention was attended by 500 women delegates from all over India who put in their suggestions for the growth of women in public sector. They also felt the need to create a National Network, a support system that would enable them to transform these suggestions into reality with the help of the Public Enterprises and concerned agencies. Thus a Forum of Women in Public Sector (WIPS) was created under the aegis of SCOPE on 12th February, 1990 having a Central Apex Forum in Delhi and four regional Forums in Bombay (Western Region), Chennai(Southern Region), Kolkata (Eastern Region) and Delhi (Northern Region) respectively. The formation of WIPS represents the first ever initiative made by the single largest organized sector in focusing the issues related to advancement of women. While on the one hand women have to take initiatives themselves to meet the job challenges and sustain career growth, managements of the enterprises also need to recognize the changing profile of the work force in enterprises and provide appropriate environment for their advancement and growth.


33 rd National Meet of the Forum of Women in Public Sector(WIPS)


February 10-11, 2023


Shakti 5 S - Strong, Sincere, Smart, Synergetic and Sustainable

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February 10, 2023

Program Schedule Day 1 10th Feburary 2023 (10:00 am to 5:30 pm) Venue: Royal Bengal Room, City Centre, Salt lake City, Kolkata, 700064

  • 08:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs
  • 10:00 hrs - 10:10 hrs
    Lighting of Lamp
  • 10:10 hrs - 10:15 hrs
    Apex Pledge
  • 10:15 hrs - 10:20 hrs
    Welcome Address by Apex President
  • 10:20 hrs - 10:30 hrs
    Felicitation of Guests
  • 10:30 hrs - 10:35 hrs
    Theme by VP of WIPS ER
  • 10:35 hrs - 10:45 hrs
    Address by DG Scope
  • 10:45 hrs - 10:55 hrs
    Address by Guest of Honor – Mr M K Singh, IPS, DG & CG Home guard West Bengal
  • 10:55 hrs - 11:15 hrs
    Inaugural Address by Chief Guest
  • 11:15 hrs - 11:20 hrs
    Unveiling of WIPS Souvenir
  • 11:20 hrs - 11:55 hrs
    Presentation of Award
  • 11:55 hrs - 00:00 hrs
    Vote of Thanks
  • 12:00 hrs - 13:15 hrs
    CMDs’ & Director’s Session (Panel discussion on the National Meet theme) 1. Captain Binesh CMD SCI 2. Commodore. P R Hari, IN(Retd.), CMD GRSE 3. Ms. Shukla Mistry Director (Refinery) IOCL 4. Shri R S Manku Director(Planning) Andrew Yule Co. Ltd. 5. Ahuti Swain Director(P) ECL
  • 13:15 hrs - 13:30 hrs
    Introduction of New Team of WIPS(23-25)
  • 13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs
  • 14:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs
    Session of Women Achievers • Ms Shanti Mallik (Arjun Awardee) • Debjani Mookerjee Founder & C&MD Nanighar • Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi
  • 15:00 hrs - 15:45 hrs
    Experience sharing by Dr Manabí Bandyopadhyay – Principal of Women’s College
  • 15:45 hrs - 16:30 hrs
    Mental Well-being: Speaker Dr Rima Mukherji
  • 16:30 hrs - 17:45 hrs
    Address by Swami Bodhasarananda from Ramakrishna Mission
  • 17:45 hrs - Onwards
    Summing up & Closing of the 1st day programme

February 11, 2023

Program Schedule Day 2 11th Feburary 2023 (10:00 am to 2:00 pm) Venue: Royal Bengal Room, City Centre, Salt lake City, Kolkata, 700064

  • 10:00 hrs - 11:30 hrs
    Women Synergy, Collective power, Freedom, Empathy & Care: Speaker Ms. Ruchira Goswami
  • 11:30 hrs - 12:15 hrs
    Women and Sustainability - Speaker Ms. Nita Jayaram
  • 12:15 hrs - 13:00 hrs
    Session by Brahma Kumaris
  • 13:00 hrs - 13:15 hrs
    Cultural Programme
  • 13:15 hrs - 13:20 hrs
    Vote of Thanks
  • 13:20 hrs - Onwards